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Car insurance may be mandatory, but do you know what it is really covering?


If you drive a car, you have to be prepared for an auto accident. The best way a person involved in an accident can recover from the financial damages resulting from an accident is to have auto insurance.

Not all insurance policies are alike. Therefore the Lincoln Insurance Agency gives you the option of choosing an array of different auto insurance coverage providers. We will conduct the proper research regarding the available options and find the most suitable and affordable insurance for your personal needs.

Provide protection for your investment and be knowledgeable about what coverages you have. When looking into purchasing a Kentucky Auto Insurance Policy, you know you have many coverage choices and may be searching for advice. Lincoln Insurance Agency is experienced, and will walk you through your options and find you a policy that meets your needs.

Here is a break down of the basic types of insurance to consider:

  • Full coverage auto insurance – This coverage offers you maximum protection. Such an insurance cover will offer protection even if the accident takes place due to an error on the part of the policy holder. A policy which offers maximum protection will also cover incidents like theft, vehicle crime, hit-and-run accidents and also any other kind of damage caused to the car due to any accident.
  • Collision coverage – This insurance package will take care of all expenses incurred in the form of repair and replacement costs by the policy holder at the time of the accident but the point to remember is that this kind of auto insurance coverage would take into account the market value of the car while paying for damages sustained.
  • Comprehensive auto coverage – This insurance is meant to cover the damages that occur or might have occurred because of events other than accidents. These events could be a flood, fire, theft, vandalism, collision with an animal, floods; natural disaster although one has to keep in mind that this coverage is optional, and is more suitable if the Auto is leased.
  • Personal injury – This is very essential for all car drivers because when a person is involved in an car accident, he goes through many unpleasant experiences which can be mitigated or even nullified if the driver has proper safety and protection. This is the most basic insurance coverage required in all states which includes basic expenses like hospital bills and even part of income loss due to accidents.
  • Liability auto insurance coverage – This is meant to provide protection to only the victim of an accident, if it is the policy holder who is at fault. In such a situation, in order to avoid incurring heavy expenditure, the driver is recommended to opt for a liability coverage which is more than the minimum specified amount or even choose to buy extra coverage as a means of lowering the premium.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage– covers under uninsured motorist bodily injury protection in case they injure someone in an accident. This type of coverage could be purchased as a form of protection against uninsured car drivers and is available in form of uninsured motorist property damage as well in which case it is meant to compensate for the repair and replacement expenses.

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