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What does my homeowners insurance cover?

  • Damage to the dwelling and to adjacent structures when damage is caused by vandalism, fire, and theft.

Does my insurance cover bursting of pipes?

  • Sudden and accidental water damage is covered. Your policy will pay to the limit listed for damages and for any additional damage that might result from fixing the damage. Unless freezing occurs, policy coverage will not extend to the cost of repairing or replacing the system.

In the winter, what if my pipes freeze?

  • Coverage is provided to damage to the home. Coverage is still provided if the house is vacant as-long-as owner took necessary precautions to avoid this loss.

What if an injury occurs on my property?

  • Coverage usually doesn’t apply to injuries sustained by household members on property. However, liability coverage is extended to anyone on your property that you are legally liable for.
    • Example: friends, neighbors, mailman.

Do I have additional living expenses if my house is badly damage and I am not able to live in it while it is being repaired?

  • Additional living expenses are covered under Loss of Use coverage is your home is damaged by a named peril. A named peril includes flood, fire, etc.

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